Feisty Fido

Does your dog lack “street manners”?  Does he/she lunge, bark and snarl at people or other dogs?  If so, this is the class for you.  Dogs can react this way when on a leash due to high level of emotional arousal, frustration or just trying to get to another dog to play.  Fiesty Fido class is designed to help identify what “triggers” your dog to react then give you the necessary tools to change your dog’s behavior.

Class:  6 weeks – some classes may take place in the community

Price: $145.00


Frightened Fido

Is your dog afraid of people, other dogs, objects, places?  There are many causes for fear in animals – genetics, lack of socialization during the critical socialization period, or a one-time event.  Frightened Fido is a class that will systematically work with you and your dog to appropriately expose him/her to what he/she fears.  This class provides an introductory detailed educational seminar for dog parents to first understand fear, identify the signs of fear and what you can do to help your dog through a fearful event.  Classes will then provide pet parents with the resources necessary to help your Frightened Fido.

Class: 6 weeks – 1st week is pet parents only

Price:  $145.00


The Clever Canine

Take this FUN class to learn how your dog learns.  How well does your dog problem solve a maze?  Is your dog right or left paw?  Can your dog tell the difference between a coke and a coffee, the color blue or yellow?  Can your dog imitate your human movements?  Take this class and find out!

Age:  6 months or older

Class:  6 weeks

Price:  $125.00


The Focused Canine

The Trivial Teenager

The Clever Canine

The Confident Canine

Handling/Vet Prep