Paws-itive Puppy Program

According to the Journal of American Veterinarian Medical Association, behavior problems are the greatest threat to the human-animal bond.  In fact, behavior problems are the number-one reason why dogs are relinquished to shelters.  A bad experience or lack of experience during the first 4 months of a puppy’s life can lead to behavior problems.  The proper socialization techniques utilized in the Puppy Start Right Program will help prevent future behavior problems such as 1) Aggression toward dogs and people; 2) fear of people, places, and things; 3) anxiety related problems; and 4) nuisance behaviors such as jumping, chewing, stealing objects, and excessive barking.  Let us help you provide physical and emotional stability as well as learning through novel experiences during early development

Paws-itive Puppy Preschool

Start your puppy out on the right “paw” with our Puppy Start Right program. This program is for puppies 8-16 weeks of age. Preschool focuses on positive proactive socialization, successful canine parenting including puppy parenting tips, supervised puppy play sessions, basic commands, and problem prevention. Two of the six weeks will be dedicated to veterinarian and grooming care which will include a registered veterinarian technician.  We will focus on introducing your puppy to the scale, exam rooms, grooming table, nail trims and much more!

Pricing: $115.00

Class: 6 weeks; week 1 is puppy parents only


Paws-itive Puppy Kindergarten

Puppy Kindergarten incorporates the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy curriculum which focuses on everything a puppy and owner need to enrich their bond.  This program is designed for puppies 17-24 weeks of age.  Kindergarten includes basic manners, introduction to loose leash walking, come when called, positive socialization, veterinarian/grooming care, and supervised puppy playtime.  We will address potential problem areas such as house training, chewing, jumping, mouthing and much more.  Puppy Kindergarten can be taken as an extension to Puppy Preschool or as a new enrollee.

Pricing: $125.00

Class: 6 weeks


Paws-itive Puppy Play Groups


Puppies learn to communicate and interact with other dogs through social play.  Puppies need the opportunity to play with a variety of breeds and sizes to develop normal canine communication.  All play groups are supervised and provide structured playtime sessions that are perfect for teaching and maintaining healthy play skills with other puppies.



Pricing: $10.00 for single play group; package of 4 play groups $35.00

Play Groups: Age and size appropriate groups (play sessions 45 minutes long)


Puppy Packages:

Paws-itive Puppy Package 1 includes Paws-itive Puppy Preschool & Paws-itive Puppy Kindergarten – $220.00 (savings of $20.00)

Paws-itive Puppy Package 2 includes Paws-itive Puppy Preschool, Paws-itive Puppy Kindergarten and 4 Paws-itive Puppy Play Groups – $245.00 (savings of $30.00)

Paws-itive Puppy Package 3 includes Paws-itive Puppy Preschool, Paws-itive Puppy Kindergarten, 8  Paws-itive Puppy Play Groups, and Basic Manners – Level I – $395.00 (savings of $40.00)